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Create the balance your
baby needs for better sleep

My philosophy and approach toward sleep training is all about building the necessary structure, while keeping a nurturing balance so that your baby feels secure and loved as you teach them one of the most important skills for life - how to sleep.

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Hi, I'm Alicia, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and mother of two

When I became a first time mom, I didn't know how important creating a schedule and building a routine would be for my baby. I thought "don't they know how to sleep since they do it all the time?". The answer was "No. No, they do not. You must teach them everything." 


I didn't know a thing about sleep training! And when I asked my own mother if she sleep trained me as a baby, her answer was "you were always a good sleeper". I can't imagine that was true. Why did no one warn me about sleep training at my baby shower, or during the nine months before I gave birth?

Fast forward to when my first child was around eleven months old. She was still waking several times and often coming into my bed halfway through the night. I was a zombie during the day and completely filled with dread at bedtime. Did I also mention that I was working full time?


Finally at the recommendation of a friend, I enlisted the help of a certified pediatric sleep consultant. With their help it wasn't long before my daughter fell into a rhythm and everyone in our family started sleeping better. The personalized plan for my baby, sleep training tactics, plus the 1:1 support I received were exactly what this exhausted momma needed.


When my second child was born I took the knowledge I had gained and built a healthy foundation for sleep from the start. Things went much smoother. And through my experience sleep training both of my children (very different experiences), I developed a passion for the process and decided that I wanted to help other families the way I had been helped. 

Whether you have very little knowledge about sleep training (hello, me!), or you understand the basics but would like a customized sleep plan based on your baby's age and development - I would love to help. 


Stay positive, better sleep is possible!

Balanced Sleep Packages

Not ready to book a free consult? Still have questions? Send me an email instead.

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